My life in Gent

STAM is Gent’s museum and provides ideal cultural and tourist introduction. I visited in order to get to know my town better.

The first room of the museum was large and I was impressed by the glass lighted floor on which there was a big map showing the town from up above and above the center of the room was a model of the city. In that room there was a video wall with pictures and short videos of the city Gent, as well as computers which contained maps from 4 different time periods of the town’s history (1534, 1641, 1912, 2008). At those maps you could find information about some central areas of Gent and see how they developed through the years. That room in my opinion was one of the best and most breathtaking one, for young but also older people.
In the next rooms were presented the basic points of Gent’s history and civilization between 1534 and today. In each room with the use of computers and other audiovisual media (video, special phones through which, after selecting a language, you could listen to different historic facts, screens with information about documents and boards, touch screens) as well as other exhibits, one could easily understand the most important changes throughout the years. Furthermore, outside the rooms, the visitors can find special seats in which they sit and listen to information about each room, after of course they select the particular language in which they wish to hear it.

As far as I am concerned, kindergarten students are not able to follow the exhibition as  no interactive activities are offered and the place where the several exhibits are situated is not convenient. However, primary and secondary school students may easily follow the exhibition.Also, the museum offers several interesting exhibits such as costumes, documents, sculptures, objects of daily use etc respectively in each season. Furthermore, the museum is quiet big and I believe that young students would get tired. At the last two rooms (No. 8 and 9) children can make their own video with parts of videos that are given from 1534, 1641, 1912 and 2008 and they can watch their own video in a video wall.

In addition, students can see the future redevelopment plans of the city and see the changes in the areas they would like to by touching the computer screen. Finally, there is a special room with lego where students can make what they want.

Personally, I think that STAM is a very interesting museum. A main difficulty I face was that all the exhibit labels were in Dutch and very few of them were in English, so I couldn’t follow all the information given about the museum. Nevertheless, I was impressed, especially in the first room with the plan of the town, as well as, with the two last rooms which were about the present and the future reformation of Gent. All in all, I was really astonished by it!


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On the 14th of November my friends and I went to the Street Art Alley in Gent. We bought some spray cans and started painting the walls of Werregarenstraat. It was 8 o’clock in the evening. A friend of mine writes graffiti so he helped us (Eleftheria and me) do our first graffiti. It was very cool. It was difficult at first, but I loved it!

Some photos from that evening! 🙂

In this workshop we explored some educational softwares from the internet. In the presentation that you can find below we have three types of software.

The first one is a painting software the TUX PAINT that everyone can download for free.
The second is an Environmental education software (no.16)  that is in greek and you can also download it for free but only in the greek language. In this, children can choose which game about enviroment they want to play. The last one is a preschool online software, where children can find several educational games.

Exploring educational software   (Microsoft Office PowerPoint (.pptx))

(In the powerpoint you can find some pictures-examples of these games.)

Using “Photoshop Elements 10” Eleftheria and I created these  files. They consist of a program (menu card), a flyer and a poster about a festival-week in our school.  We decided our theme to be Christmas because children love it! We found our material on the internet and with Photoshop Elements 10 we made the following:

The Program:

The flyer:

The poster:

I am in Gent more than 2 months and I have done many trips.
I have been to many places in Brugge, Antwerp, Braine-lʼAlleud, Brussels, London, Luxemburg, Leuven and Amsterdam.

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During the ICT classes that I have chose we worked on the Photoshop program. It was one of the most interesting workshops we have ever had. I really enjoyed it and I learned a lot of things that will help me in my career as a teacher. It’s so impressive to learn how to fix photos, backgrounds in order to make them better.

Since then I use Photoshop Elements 10 a lot.

Soon, I will post the  project of the Photoshop workshop.

On the 17th of September, my friend, Eleftheria, and I arrived at the town of Gent. Despite all the difficulties during the first days and the fact that we had no place to live, we did it eventually and we made our erasmus dream come true. Even if the first days weren’t so good, now I like it so much here and I love this opportunity I have to see and learn different things.

This experience will be unforgetable!

Some photos of the first week…
Citadel ParkGent

GentGentview from my bike!

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